Canines in The Courtroom

 Canines in The Courtroom (1 Day – 8 hours)
Sheriff’s Deputy, Andy Weiman and Prosecuting Attorney, Ted Daus partner up in this powerful 8 hour lecture that will show you how to put all of your hard work and drug dog training efforts on display in the courtroom. Successful prosecution of drug dog cases hinges on your dog’s reliability. If you work a drug dog for any amount of time, you already know how fast the laws are changing for search and seizure and what was illegal yesterday, is being openly smoked today. Contact us today and we’ll set up a class in your jurisdictional area. We encourage you to invite your prosecutors to the class as well. At the very least, you’ll leave this class knowing how to educate them about the reliability of your dog through the training and real life deployments.
(Contact Jeff Barrett to set this class up in your area)
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Upcoming Events

  • HITSK9 Scottsdale 2023
    August 15, 2023 - August 18, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

[ Download Printable Info ] **Please Note:  If you are paying with a check or money order, you do not need to pay the convenience fee.  Send in just the amount of the ticket shown under the details. HITS – Handler Instruction and  Training Seminar The largest and most diverse K9 training event in the (more…)

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Training Seminar

tcHITS: Handler Instruction & Training Seminar

It’s more than just an acronym for the world’s largest and most comprehensive police K-9 training conference, it represents real world training concepts for modern law enforcement K-9 teams. Join us outside the classroom for hands on training that means something when you hit the streets at night. Invite us to your training day and let’s get to work!

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