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The highly anticipated HITS raffle will award over $50,000 in

K9’s – training  – vehicle inserts – gear – cash – seminar tuitions – hotels –  nutritional products and more!




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Michael Pidgeon & Chuck Marciniak
Using body worn cameras to improve your canine unit and protect yourself and your department

Major Mark C. Flynn
Police Canines in Corrections

Scott Klappenback
Protecting our Profession

Dr. Lauryn Degreeff
The Chemistry of Odor & Odor Detection, Considerations in the Detection of Homemade Explosives.

S/Sgt. Gary Creed
We Should Know More About Fentanyl

Dr. Kenneth Furton
K9 Science & Subsets: Past, Present and Future

Arthur “Ted” Daus
Drug Canine Legal Updates

U.S. Supreme Court Case Rodriguez V. United States heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 2015.

Bob Day
High Risk Arrests Using Your K9

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Law Dog Kastle

Kennel will be on Display

HITS Training and Consulting Classes

Advanced & Specialized Training Courses  –   Expert Witness and K9 Consulting

  • Canines in the Courtroom for Drug Dog handlers

  • K9 Legal Updates for Drug Dogs

  • Perfecting Detection, Advanced Drug Dog Training

  • Power Collar Training for the High Drive Dog

  • High Risk Tactical Tracking

  • Advanced Street Tactics for Police Officers

  • Civil Litigation Experts for Allegations of Excessive Force

  • Prosecution Experts for Drug Dog Cases

  • K9 Unit Reviews to Include Performance Evaluations and Policies

  • Advanced K9 Tactics & Street Worthiness

  • Police K9 Decoy for Police Officers and K9 Handlers