marty dulworth picMeet Marty Dulworth

Marty Dulworth is a K9 Handler for the Anderson Police Department in Anderson, Indiana. Marty has served with APD for 14 years. Marty has 7 years SWAT experience and has been a K9 Handler for the past 7 years. Marty is currently working his third dog, Rico, a dual purpose German Shepard. Marty has also been a Defensive Tactics Instructor since 2007. Marty is prior military where he served for the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999 as a heavy machine gunner 0331, doing two west packs overseas. Marty was a part of an active shooter incident in 2012 in which Marty was shot multiple times in both legs by an AK47, ultimately losing his lower left leg, and his K9 partner, Kilo, a dual purpose Beligian Malinois, was shot and killed by the suspect. Marty returned to work full duty as a K9 handler with a prosthetic and he and Rico continue to work the streets of Anderson today. Active Shooter Debrief: How to Keep the Warrior Mindset.