Raffle Prizes!  

The excitement is off the charts at every HITS raffle.  It’s no wonder, with over $70,000 in prizes awarded in the last 2 years alone.  Each year the raffle gets bigger and better. Amazing prizes have included:

rafflepast2An All Expense Paid Trip to Europe

Malinois Puppies & Fully Trained K-9s

Bite Suits & Sleeves

Dog Food & Suppliments

Seminar Tuition

Vehicle Inserts & Crates

Cameras & Robotics

Electric Collars

Cash & Gift Cards




Raffle Prizes

rafflepastEveryone loves the raffle!  Our attendees would never miss the event.  Our vendors love to see their  products in front of a huge, energized audience!

Get in on the action

Vendors can click here to donate items for the raffle and auction.  It’s a great way to present your company to the largest group of K-9 handlers anywhere!